As a dental hygienist, assistant, or dental office employee, finding the right work environment can be difficult. Must-have positions are often entrenched by long-term employees who have been with a practice for decades, and few dental offices have the flexibility many modern employees crave.
Fortunately, you don’t have to be on your own in the search for that professional home. Let’s be honest: staffing agencies have a bad reputation in the dental industry. They lack long-term security, and many agencies make you work as an independent contractor meaning hours of paperwork, taxes, and complicated insurance headaches. Fortunately, you have another choice.

WORKFORCE Dental Staffing isn’t just a dental staffing agency. We’re reimagining what a true, people-centric staffing agency looks like. From Canada to Seattle and beyond, here are the unique benefits we offer our dental professionals.

1. You Will Be Employed by WORKFORCE

At WORKFORCE, we hire all of our temporary workers. That means you don’t have to worry about the paperwork of working for multiple dental practices and having to manage all of your taxes as an independent contractor with multiple clients. Instead, you get one W2/T4 from WORKFORCE, and we’ll take care of the rest.

That means no more hunting down W2s or T4s, and no more hyper-complicated taxes. One document. One employer. One easy way to find amazing opportunities at dental practices across North America. Welcome to people-centric staffing for the dental industry.

2. Get Paid On-time, Every Time

We provide near-instant access to pay for all of our workers. In Canada, payments come through each week at the latest. And our American workers get their pay within 48 hours. It’s your money! Why should you have to spend hours following up with dental practices or dealing with annoying HR practices?

Helping you help dental offices is in our DNA. We make sure you get paid on time — every time. That way, you get to spend more time working, relaxing, and enjoying life.

3. You’ll be Fully-insured

You deserve to have insurance and coverage against injuries. Temp work shouldn’t be a punishment. You temp to see new sights, explore new opportunities, and work on your own schedule. But many temporary workers do not have access to worker’s compensation insurance or liability insurance. That’s a problem! Suddenly, those dreams of unlimited flexibility are hampered by the threat of long-term injury without pay.

At WORKFORCE, we fully insure all of our people against injuries, harm, and liability. Feel free to jump into that new exciting opportunity; we’ve got you covered (literally).

4. Our Technology Helps You Find Relevant Work

When employed by us, dental hygienists no longer have to worry about scouring job boards or asking for favors from personal connections. Instead, our technology (driven by our mobile app) allows you to instantly find work in your area, and on your schedule.

You’ll be able to choose from plenty of customization options, like setting your availability and receiving only notifications that fit your schedule. You can check-in and out of jobs from the app, minimizing complications as you look for opportunities that match your needs.

5. We’re People-centric; Not Client-centric

At WORKFORCE, our goal is to create an environment that works for dental professionals and companies looking to hire them. We treat you like family. Our people work hard to ensure you get matched with the right practice, work the right hours, and explore the right opportunities. Yes; we do our best to ensure our clients get the best possible service. But we don’t do it at the expense of your happiness. From our easy-to-use app to our end-to-end liability coverage, we provide a wealth of benefits aimed at keeping you happy, healthy, and smiling.

6. Unlimited Flexibility

When working with WORKFORCE, you’ll earn a wage that is competitive with the averages for dental professionals in regular, full-time roles. The added benefit: you also get more flexibility than they would. Work the hours you want, experience new environment, or just test the waters of different dental practices. Make your career work for you, rather than having to tailor your personal life to that career.

7. You Can Still Go Full-Time If Desired

Of course, there may come a time at which a regular, full-time income serves your career and personal needs. We won’t leave you alone when that happens. Instead, we’ll help you through our app and services to find that perfect full-time position, setting you on a fulfilling path for the future of your dental hygienist career.

At WORKFORCE Dental Staffing, we’re worked with professionals like you for 25 years. Over that time, we’ve acquired not just the right expertise to place dental professionals in the right spots but also fine-tuned working with professionals to the point where we are a partner, not just a marketplace. Work with us to take the next step in your career.