Proactive Staffing

A smarter way to grow your dental office

Generate thousands in daily net revenue without breaking a sweat.

Learn how Proactive Staffing can change the way you do business. Wade through the proverbial ocean of talent, and find qualified dental hygienists, assistants, and receptionists that generate revenue and promote growth.

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The amount of downstream money a single hygienists generates per day of work.
$ 0
The amount of downstream money a single dental assistant generates per day of work.
$ 0
The amount of downstream money a single dental receptionist generates per day of work.

How it Works

Learn how to use Proactive Talent to grow your office fast.

Availability Broadcast

Find nearby talent when they first submit their schedule, and book them on the spot.

Create days of production around talent

Get real-time updates on nearby talent availability, and leverage your scheduling software to create days of productivity around their availability.

Headache-free Talent

Not only do we personally handle necessities like workers' compensation and liability insurance, we provide compliant, certified talent that keeps you within tax and regulatory codes.

expand with purpose

Leverage temporary talent to generate revenue, and leverage that growth to hire new full-time talent. When you're ready for a new full-time person, we'll help you make the connection.

Built for Both

Proactive Staffing helps temps find work quickly, and it helps dental offices re-think the way they leverage talent throughout the dental value chain.

Actual Growth

No hacky strategies or long-term investments. Simply hire talent to get guaranteed value, and use that revenue to generate growth across your dental office.

We Support

Our Proactive Staffing Solutions

Pack your waiting room, and grow your dental office. Here’s what WORKFORCE brings to the table to make it happen.

zero tax headaches

Since we employ our talent, you don't have to deal with complicated taxes or potential tax headaches.

compliant talent

We provide workers' compensation and liability insurance for all of our talent.

+10k highly-vetted temps

We thoroughly vet all of our talent, and we have a vast network of dental talent across North America.

unbelievably trusted

Our Google reviews don't lie. We're the fastest-growing and most-trusted dental temping agency in NA.

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