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Access +10,000 qualified dental professionals with end-to-end support & services.

WORKFORCE doesn’t just connect you to one of the largest pools of dental talent in North America, we help you utilize that talent effectively.

From a dental-centric in-house client portal (coming next week!) that lets you find talent around you the instant they’re looking for work to a deep network of talented headhunters capable of helping you secure best-fit dental professionals, we’re here to help you succeed.

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Your office. your way.

Experience headache-free dental staffing

We’re not “middlepeople.” With +10,000 dental professionals, a world-class app, and a crack of team of headhunters, we help dental offices navigate talent shortages with fervor. No more monthly payments to “talent” boards or shady private Facebook groups.

We get you talent when and where you need it most. Plus, we handle the tax deductions, employ and insure all of our temps, and give you tools you need to grapple with growth and boost revenue.

Turn people into value, and wade through the ocean of proverbial talent issues with WORKFORCE.

+10K dental pros

Instant talent alerts

Zero tax headaches

Temporary & Permanent Talent

YOUR office, YOUR WAY.

What makes us different?

Proactively find talent

Don’t just use talent to douse the flames; proactively use temporary talent to generate massive revenue spikes.

Access Permanent Pros

Our headhunters have decades of experience, and they’re ready to help you secure world-class talent.


We employ our talent, and we handle the tax complexities. Get compliant talent, fast.

Put out fires

Quickly find talent to soothe the pains of holiday rushes and staff vacations.

Hygienists, assistants & receptionists

We supply talent across every dimension of the dental office.

Built with you in mind

We make securing talent a breeze — not an ongoing nightmare.

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YOUR office. YOUR WAY.

Designed to be easy.

Let’s strip away that annoying extras. WORKFORCE helps you find highly-qualified talent, fast. Get (instant) alerts when talent near you is available, and book them in seconds. Or, surf through a constantly expanding real-time talent catalog to find people who fit your business best. Best of all, everyone is tax and regulatory compliant.

Stress-free taxes

We'll focus on the taxes; you focus on what really matters — your business.

Digitally-enabled success

Our client-side portal helps you succeed beyond simply finding talent.

Permanent Solutions

We'll find you your next perfect employee.

Beautifully functional

Simple, elegant, and you-centric. What's not to love?

Dental office manager in blue sweater with hand above her eyes searching for talent.
YOUR office. YOUR WAY.

Proactively Scout Talent

Forget using temporary talent to simply put out fires. We give you the power to use temps to create near-unlimited revenue growth. When talent near you broadcasts their schedule, you’ll get instant alerts and see them in real-time. Generate thousands by creating days of productivity around nearby talents’ schedules.

Want to learn more about Proactive Staffing, and how some of our offices are generating +$300,000 per year in additional revenue by simply taking advantage of nearby talent?


Helping Dental Offices & Dental Professionals Work in a Mutually Beneficial Environment.

We make sure our offices have the tools and resources they need to succeed in their market. Get access to top talent across North America, and experience the power of the WORKFORCE app to help you get less reactive — and get more proactive.

We also provide a white glove experience to our dental professionals. 

We pay weekly, take care of tax complexities like deductions (get one easy end-of-year tax form!), and ensure our talent has the power to live life according to their schedule.

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Experience a better way to find temporary and permanent jobs.

Your life. Your way.

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