What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is a company that matches specific candidates to open employment opportunities. They recruit employees based on the detailed specifications provided by the client, and conduct thorough searches for jobs that match the needs of the candidate. The agency acts as the go-between when negotiating wage, schedule, benefits, and more. Staffing agencies greatly increase the efficiency of the hiring process.

WORKFORCE handles both temporary and permanent job placements, alleviating the stress of navigating the world of employment.

For dental clinic owners and managers:

When in search of a permanent employee, we gather information from you regarding required qualifications, preferred experience, ideal personality type, and what you are offering for compensation. Significant time is dedicated to finding and vetting candidates that will suit your needs before they are presented for your consideration. Initial contact, working interviews, and contract negotiations for permanent placements are all conducted through our agency.

For temporary placements, we have all candidates on our payroll, reducing legal risk. We are able to assist in filling last-minute shifts and providing competent support for days where your regular staff may be ill or unavailable. We are here to relieve the burden of finding quality staff so that you can focus on operating your dental clinic. WORKFORCE is a full-service agency and our team is available seven days a week!

For dental professionals?

If you are looking for a new permanent job, you can browse our job board to see current available positions or reach out to inquire. We will discuss your wage expectations, experience, education, location preference, etc. That information will help us match you to a position that has the potential to meet your specifications. Throughout the process, we advocate for your needs, and arrange all meetings and interviews for you. We have an extensive dental office database that offers unique and exclusive positions that you may not be able to locate on your own. Let us find your dream job!

Aspiring to supplement your regular schedule with temporary shifts? WORKFORCE works with numerous offices in need of last-minute support, maternity and sick leave coverage, and additional staff. You are able to control your schedule, and work in your preferred locations. We will pay you weekly by direct deposit, handle all government deductions and contributions, provide a single T4/W2 annually, and have professional liability insurance.

Looking for staff or jobs can be an incredibly time-consuming and fruitless venture. Consider using a staffing agency to streamline the process and discover ideal matches!