As our home office in Burnaby begins to get brushed with +70-degree days, it’s about time to talk about summer. Over the past year, WORKFORCE has grown significantly. Our talent pool is larger than ever (with blockbuster growth week-over-week), and thousands of offices across the United States and Canada now rely on us for temporary and permanent talent.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. Today, we want to talk about how we’re positioning ourselves to support the massive need for dental talent this summer. Let’s also take a look at why we’ve grown so fast, and what it means for you (whether you’re an office or a dental hygienist, assistant, or receptionist).

Getting Ready for the “Summer Rush”

Summer (a.k.a. “The Vacation Season”) is generally the busiest time of the year for us. Even without the ongoing dental staff shortage, it would be semi-challenging to fill positions. With the shortage, it’s chaos. From the start of the year, we knew summer was going to be an intense time for many of the offices we work with.

So, we’ve been planning. Our regular growth (which has beyond exceeded our expectations this year) paired with our pre-summer targeting strategy has paid dividends. Our hygienists and assistant signups have nearly doubled. And we’re hitting records each month. Without a doubt, we have the largest dental talent pool in Canada. And we’re no joke in Seattle.

In addition to these growth-forward strategies (many of which involved behind-the-scenes marketing moves), we’re also cooking up some (literally business-changing) tech changes that we’ll announce a little later in the year.

For now, we want to let our offices know that we’re ready for summer. Will we be able to fill every position? Of course not. It’s crazy out there. The shortages overshadow everything. But we do have the talent pool to help keep offices across Canada afloat during emergencies/vacations (and enough to help savvy dental offices proactively staff to earn some serious dough on the side).

Key points:

  • WORKFORCE has more talent than ever, and we’re ready to support the thousands of offices that use us to manage their summer staffing issues.
  • Over the past year, offices that use us proactively are seeing significant revenue gains (here’s a great example of how one office we work with regularly made over $300,000 last year from proactively using WORKFORCE). We have the talent to support many of these proactive staffing strategies.
  • We have a few more surprises for you later this year.

Honest Business Practices = Fast Growth

This ties into our post about being picky about the offices we work with. We truly believe that honest and transparent business practices are the key to our growth.

When we first came onto the scene, the dental staffing space in Canada (and a good chunk of the US) was horrifying. Basement agencies pairing dental offices with non-vetted candidates without any form of quality control, regulatory guidance, or tax awareness was the norm. And a large piece of the temp staffing market was contained to Facebook groups, where tax codes and regulatory needs were not followed… remotely.

WORKFORCE has decades of experience in the staffing industry in construction, energy, mining, and other trades. So, we simply did what we always do. We created a system where candidates are highly-vetted, tax codes are followed (we handle all deductions, workers’ compensation insurance, etc.), and our talent gets weekly pay and a single tax form at the end of the year.

To be honest, this isn’t unusual in other industries. It’s the norm. Yet, we were instantly the only business in Canada — and one of a small few in the United States — that checked these boxes.

We attribute our rapid growth not to our marketing campaigns, or sales strategies, or some awesome tech we invested in. We honestly believe it’s simply because of… well… honesty. We’re a clean, transparent, and straightforward business. We have our own custom platform for candidates. Our pay is hyper-competitive. And we’re not greedy. WORKFORCE ensures candidates don’t have to worry about tax headaches, and that our clients get to operate in a clean, professional, and compliant atmosphere. Everyone wins.

So, as you prepare for your summer growth spree, remember this: it’s not always that overpriced piece of tech or that “one killer strategy” that creates growth surges. Most often, it’s just doing the right thing and keeping your clients happy.

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