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When it comes to dental talent agencies, you have options. There’s always another brand making the same product on the shelf. So why choose WORKFORCE?


We’re the fastest-growing, best-run, and most transparent and honest dental talent company on the planet. And, in truth, it’s not really much of a contest. The gap between us and our competitors is massive — across every measurable dimension.

Here’s why WORKFORCE is a market leader in dental talent, and how we’ve grown into one of North America’s largest (and currently Canada’s largest) full-service dental talent agencies.

People Talk

We’re not a basement agency. Unlike most dental temp agencies in North America, our entire operation isn’t run by one person next to a stack of dusty cardboard boxes overflowing with coffee-stained papers. We’re a real organization with real people. And we’re here for you.

If you have a problem, you can call us, and we’ll answer. Simple as that.

And “we” doesn’t mean a team of customer service representatives with annoying call scripts.

Everyone who answers works here at the office. You may get in touch with our lead headhunter, or you may reach the head of our dental division. Either way, the person you reach will know how to solve your problem or answer your question.

It may seem like a small win on the surface, but the vast majority of other temp agencies don’t answer the phone. We do. You call us. A real person answers. We solve your problem.

Easy-peasy, right?

As an aside, real people is a key point. In a world dominated by chatbots and automated phone systems, person-to-person interactions are slowly blurring away. But not at WORKFORCE. You’ll reach a real person who really works here — every time.

Our Employees, Your Temp

Want to know the recipe for the secret sauce that’s made us the fastest-growing dental talent agency in North America?


We employ all of our temps. Why? Because it takes all of the stress out of your hands and places it directly into ours. Otherwise, why would you pay us?

Not only does this mean that we handle taxes, insurance, and all other employment-related headaches, but it also creates built-in accountability. Our talent understands what’s expected of them, and both us and our talent take responsibility for ensuring your office (and, by association, your patients) has a wonderful experience.

In fact, fostering accountability is a critical component of our identity. Finding temporary talent shouldn’t be an experience driven by sketchy Facebook groups and barely-functional basement agencies. In these systems, no-shows are common, and accountability is dissolved across every interaction.

Let’s rethink talent in the dental space. At WORKFORCE, we hire our talent — giving everyone role clarity, visibility, and personal ownership of their duties. 

We Fill Our Shifts

With +10,000 dental professionals in our system, we have the talent and muscle to fill shifts. In fact, we have a +90 percent fill rate across our markets. Our holistic approach to talent acquisition and office recruitment keeps a tight and well-calibrated balance between offices and talent in our growing network.

Without going too deep into the strategic layers involved, it’s important to note that we don’t let the growth-hungry monster hiding in the recesses of every business cloud our ability to perform. We only enter markets when we have the talent to support offices in the area, and we only work with the best offices to prevent oversaturation.

The result? Extremely high fill rates, smiling candidates, and happy offices. We’re choosing to grow smarter, not just faster.

It’s the Little Things

In addition to accountability, sky-high fill rates, and world-class customer experiences, we also handle all of the smaller components that other agencies completely ignore. We’re full-service. When you fill a shift with WORKFORCE, we take care of all the paperwork.

This includes:

  • Payroll
  • Tax deductions
  • W2s/T4s
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Compliance
  • Holiday pay
  • Etc.

Those pesky tasks you have to tackle for full-time employees also have to be done for temporary talent. In fact, many dental offices in North America are breaking labor laws, and a few have paid the price.

We do it all. And, since we employ our talent, all of the risk is in our hands. You pick a shift that needs to be filled, and we’ll handle the rest. No paperwork. No headaches. No problems.


At WORKFORCE, we have +10,000 dental professionals and over 3,000 offices in our network. And it’s not by mistake. Our commitment to accountability, honesty, and transparency sets us apart from how every other dental talent agency operates. We employ our talent. We handle the paperwork. And our people are always ready to answer the phone.

Don’t just find talent. Find the right talent. Contact us to get started.

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