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Find trusted talent. Be trusted talent.

Our Preferred Candidate™ status is earned by the top talent in the dental space. With Preferred Candidate™ status, you’ll get access to unique features like our Availability Broadcast™ — as well as a preferred candidate badge for your profile.

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Your life, your way.

Build relationships based on trust and reliability.

Show off your top-notch work with our Preferred Candidate™ badge on your profile. Our Preferred Candidates™ have their profiles viewed more often, and they get hired more frequently.

Wouldn’t you want to hire someone that’s proven their trust?


Exclusive Availability Broadcast™ access.

Preferred Candidates get access to the Availability Broadcast™. Set your schedule and broadcast it to offices within your travel distance. Offices get to build days of production around your schedule.

Stress-free taxes

We handle your workers' comp insurance, liability insurance, and deductions. You get one easy tax form at the end of the year.

you're in control

Once your broadcast, offices around you will instantly see your schedule. Forget time-consuming forms or temping around office schedules. You're in control of your time.

weekly pay

You deserve to get paid on time, every time. You focus on the job; we'll make sure you get paid.

so easy, it's scary

Pick your travel distance. Pick your hours. Click Broadcast. It's that easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Preferred Candidate Status


FAQs for Dental professionals

All you have to do to become a Preferred Candidate™ is complete a few shifts. That’s it! As long as you show up on time and do good work, you’ll become a Preferred Candidate™ after your first three shifts. You cannot pay for Preferred Candidate™ status, nor do we put it behind obscure objectives. Preferred Candidate™ status shows offices that you’re timely, and that you put in effort. If you start to show up late, cancel shifts last minute or put in low-quality work, your Preferred Candidate™ status will be revoked.
If you lose your Preferred Candidate™ status, it’s often because you canceled shifts last minute, showed up late for multiple shifts, or you had complaints from offices surrounding your work. Mistakes happen. You can earn back your Preferred Candidate™ status after putting in great work again.
We don’t like those programs that force you to work thousands of shifts or pay a monthly fee to earn a badge. Our Preferred Candidate™ status exists solely to ensure that offices have access to reliable talent — not as an “elite” status hidden behind lengthy objectives. It’s easy to earn, but we’ve found it’s a great way to help both offices and candidates connect in a mutually beneficial environment.
Get in touch with us via the chat feature or email us at
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FAQs for Dental Offices

We want you to find trustworthy talent, fast. Nothing sucks more than missed shifts or late talent. It interrupts your office, and it reduces your patient experience. Our Preferred Candidate™ system helps you find reliable talent that has a history of showing up and showing up on time.
Nope! But remember, many of our newer talent members have not yet earned the Preferred Candidate™ status; this does not mean they aren’t trustworthy. Likewise, candidates with past mistakes may never make those same mistakes again.
No. All of our offices are trustworthy by default. You signed a rate agreement. If we ever ran into a case where an office treated candidates poorly or refused to pay, we would handle that. And our candidates would get paid no matter what. We very, very, very rarely have any issues with offices.
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Helping Dental Offices & Dental Professionals Work in a Mutually Beneficial Environment.

We make sure our offices have the tools and resources they need to succeed in their market. Get access to top talent in Seattle, and experience the power of the WORKFORCE app to help you get less reactive — and get more proactive.

We also provide a white glove experience to our dental professionals — with weekly pay, one tax form, and an easy-to-use app. Live life your way.

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Experience a better way to find temporary and permanent jobs.

Your life. Your way.

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