Why We Only Work With the Best Dental Offices

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We’re not the most marketing-forward company on the planet. In fact, we generally dislike the buzzword-driven, money-hungry marketing industry as a whole. That said, we do “buy in” to the power of building a brand. Honest, hardworking people work with other honest, hardworking people.

We work with the best because we are the best.

And that’s not just conjecture. We get more applications than the largest DSOs for a reason: our talent loves us. In turn, we make sure we only work with dental offices that meet our high standards. In fact, WORKFORCE is probably the only dental talent staffing solution that turns down offices somewhat regularly. If a dental office we work with starts getting complaints from our talent, we investigate and sever the relationship.

Sure, part of it is that we want to grow the right way. Working with high-quality offices and talent help us carve a top-tier space in the dental world. Offices know we have amazing talent, and our talent knows we work with amazing offices. It’s a win-win. And, disrupting that trust for a few bucks isn’t just illogical — we think it’s detrimental to our long-term growth.

Today, we want to take a look at why we’re so passionate about working with great offices, and why you should apply the same practices to your dental office.

Turning People Down to Create a Better Culture

WORKFORCE has become the leading dental talent solution in Canada. Our growth in American hotspots like Seattle is also tremendous. Sure, a chunk of that growth is due to our wonderful recruiters, our unmatchable application, and our work ethic. But we also believe a significant amount of our overall growth is driven by our culture to work with the best.

When talent works with us, they know we pair them with the best dental offices. It’s why we have so much talent! In turn, dental offices know we source industry-defining talent. So, it’s a win-win for everyone. You can turn down people to grow. In fact, we think it’s a downright necessity.

Here are some mind-blowing statistics for you. People are 2x more likely to spend money on, stay loyal to, and advocate for brands they trust. And 60 percent of customers will take action (positive or negative) based on their experiences with you. When you focus on building a brand, it pays long-term dividends.

As an example, if your office is working with cheap, subpar suppliers or allowing patients to consistently wear down your employees, it doesn’t just impact happiness and burnout, it literally minimizes your growth in the long term. Word spreads — fast. Your customers notice, and your employees leave. In fact, 46 percent of consumers will pay more to work with a brand they trust, and great branding and values boosts retention by 28 percent. These aren’t just throw-around statistics. They’re sourced from large studies with thousands of companies and consumers.

Our advice? Turn away abusive patients. Make sure your staff is happy and adequately supplied. And don’t work with any company that’s not honest, transparent, and hardworking. It may sound strange. But even working with a supplier that’s shady or not value-driven can slowly start to erode your culture. And fixing it’s not easy.

It’s a magical, invisible thread that’s interwoven into every action in your office. When you start letting low-value people in, it starts to tear down your hard-earned value system.

Say No More

Consistent branding (that is, consistently providing the same experiences and working with other people and companies with the right values) boosts your overall — end-to-end — revenue by around 20 percent. In fact, shared values are the driving factor in the vast majority of brand relationships. Companies and people want to work with people who share their values.

And why wouldn’t they?

You worked hard to build your practice, help your patients, and provide a safe and comfortable ecosystem for your staff. So, why work with someone who doesn’t do the same?

Our biggest piece of advice in 2023 is to stop working and dealing with negative people and companies. We know! You can’t completely erase negativity from your office. Patients will be patients. But you can clean up shop. Drop partners with poor value systems. Hire talent that’s honest, hardworking, and positive. And don’t be scared to turn away a patient that’s being mean and abusive to your staff.

You want to be the best. So, work with the best. It pays dividends.

Want to Work With the Best?

At WORKFORCE, we’re reshaping the dental talent landscape across Canada and the United States. We pair highly-vetted talent with world-class technology and hardworking and honest offices. Are you sick of the basement staffing agencies with poor-quality talent and lackluster (often illegal) practices?

Get amazing talent ready to work with amazing offices. We handle the taxes, recruiting, and vetting. You do what you do best — make patients smile.


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