Here’s the Average Dental Hygienist Salary in Seattle and How You Can Scale Up

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Dental hygienists are one of the most in-demand and important jobs in the dental industry. You’re responsible for a significant portion of dental patient care. And you likely do more footwork than your dentists. Thankfully, most dental hygienists are well-paid.

In Seattle, dental hygienists can expect to make a great income. However, some dental hygienists make more than others, and it can be challenging to know if you’re getting a fair deal.

So, let’s take a look at the data. How much do hygienists in Seattle really make? And is the average salary of dental hygienists in Seattle fair? Here’s everything you need to know about dental hygienists’ salaries in the Seattle area.

The Average Dental Hygienist Salary in Seattle and How You Can Scale Up

Let’s start with the good news: dental hygienists are well compensated in Seattle. You can expect a salary between $65,000 and $100,000 (combined data from Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and And, there is plenty of room to grow in this profession, not to mention the near-untouchable employment status. We’re in the middle of a seemingly never-ending dental hygienist shortage.

So, what impacts your salary? That’s a huge range. How do you earn closer to $100,000? Let’s start with the basics. Your salary is based on five factors:

  1. Your experience
  2. Your skill
  3. Your workplace
  4. Your availability
  5. Your flexibility

Of these five, three are immediately within your control.

You can’t increase your experience level. Dental hygienists who have more years of experience typically earn more. Not only do promotions and “workplace longevity” play into this, but those with more years of experience are generally hired at a higher rate, regardless of their previous employment status.

You also can’t immediately increase your skills. Yes! You can work on your skills over time. But you can’t immediately improve your skills. And, to be honest, you can’t always prove your skills at a new job pre-hire. So, while skills do play a role, they’re actually the least impactful component of your salary.

But here’s the great thing: you can influence your workplace, availability, and flexibility.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Dental Hygienist

So, how do you influence your workplace, availability, and flexibility simultaneously? Easy. You recognize your value. You can work anywhere you want, whenever you want, for whoever you want. Seriously! Dental hygienists are one of the most in-demand jobs on the planet.

Do you want to work at a spot in downtown Seattle one day and then across the entire town next to your favorite coffee shop the next? You have that power. Working with a dental staffing agency gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose your employer, your hours, and your availability. Better yet, dental staffing agencies have hyper-competitive pay, giving you the ability to exceed lower salary brackets. You get to have your cake and eat it too!

Better yet, choosing the right dental staffing agency gives you the ability to earn more without the headaches traditionally associated with staffing agencies. At WORKFORCE, we handle taxes, dental office management, and nearly everything else. You choose your hours, and we’ll pair you with dental staffing agencies that match your location and schedule needs.

The truth is: that dental hygienists hold the power in Seattle. You’re in short supply. And you’re in a highly skilled and highly capable job. At WORKFORCE, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize your revenue while securing the flexibility and agility you need to live your best life.

To learn more, contact us. We’re ready to help you level up your professional journey.

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