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Smile-worthy dental staffing in Colwood.

Looking for dental professionals in Colwood? We can help! We have over 10,000 dental workers available in British Columbia for both temporary and permanent jobs. If you’re a dental professional looking for work, we can connect you quickly with available positions. We handle tax headaches, pay you every week, and provide tools to help you improve your career. We want to improve the dental care ecosystem for everyone in Colwood, from Royal Beach Park to Dunns Nook.

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Fisgard Lighthouse in Colwood, British Columbia
Your life, your way.

We’re the #1 dental talent agency in Colwood.

WORKFORCE is a dental employment agency in BC with over 10,000 dental professionals and thousands of clients. Our agency provides services such as handling taxes, offering liability insurance and paying our staff weekly. We have digital tools that can send our clients alerts about available talent and help offices find the necessary staff. With our help, you can easily grow your team.

+10K dental pros

Instant talent alerts

Weekly Pay



What makes us different?

Broadcast your availability

We give dental professionals the tools they need to schedule their jobs around their lives, not the other way around. Broadcast to offices near you the moment you choose your schedule.

Choose your schedule

Set it and forget it. Once you broadcast, offices that fit your preferred travel distance instantly see your schedule in real-time.

Get paid weekly

We pay for all hours worked, every week (often earlier!)

Get proactive; not reactive

Hygienists create over $2,000 in daily revenue. Assistants generate over $1,500. Find talent the second they submit their schedules — in real-time. Don’t be reactive; get proactive.

Built to help offices grow

We give you the tools you need to leverage talent as a growth engine.


Over 80 percent of our talent eventually transitions into full-time work once they find a place they love. We can help you secure best-in-class talent that really wants to work for you.

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Let us handle the headaches

We’ll handle the headaches, so you can concentrate on important things like keeping patients happy and earning more money.

Stress-free taxes

We handle the tax headaches for offices and dental professionals.

Digitally-enabled success

Offices and dental professionals can leverage the app to quickly facilitate agreements and handle all employment complexities.

Weekly pay, daily grind

You deserve to get paid on time, every time. You focus on the job; we'll make sure you get paid.

Beautifully functional

Designed to help everyone create value across the dental ecosystem.


Helping Dental Offices & Dental Professionals Work in a Mutually Beneficial Environment.

We make sure our offices have the tools and resources they need to succeed in their market. Get access to top talent in Seattle, and experience the power of the WORKFORCE app to help you get less reactive — and get more proactive.

We also provide a white glove experience to our dental professionals — with weekly pay, one tax form, and an easy-to-use app. Live life your way.

We Support
Experience a better way to find temporary and permanent jobs.

Your life. Your way.

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