Proactive Staffing 101

What is Proactive Staffing?

WORKFORCE's proactive staffing solution is designed to help dental offices generate significant revenue through the use of temporary hygienists and assistants. Tackle growth challenges by pairing our robust talent pool and unparalleled technology with an open operatory room.

With proactive staffing, you're not using temporary talent simply to fill in emergency shifts, you're using them to create tangible revenue. Immediately book talent when it becomes available, and use that talent to create thousands of dollars in cash every week.

Here's how it works:

1) Sign up for WORKFORCE and contact us to join our proactive staffing network.
2) Get immediate alerts when talent becomes available in your area.
3) Book that talent quickly.
4) Have your office manager call patients and fill in the slots for the day you booked your talent.
5) Watch your temporary hygienist or assistant immediately generate revenue on their available day.
6) Rinse and repeat.

Example: You signed up for WORKFORCE and receive an alert that a hygienist near you wants a shift next Friday. You immediately book them and have your office manager contact patients to fill up the hygienist's schedule that Friday. On Friday, you realize over $1,600 in hygiene work revenue from the temporary hygienist. As long as you have an open chair, scooping up temporary talent as it becomes available gives you access to an unlimited stream of revenue, without any long-term commitments, tax burdens, health insurance headaches, or recruiting nightmares.

The ROI of Proactive Staffing

$1,600 per day for hygienists

The industry-average hygienist produces $1,600 per day for PPOs & over $2,000 per day for fee-for-service practices. And this number doesn't include increased retention rates or the average $1,100 to $1,600 in referred services generated per day.

$1,000 per day for dental assistants

Dental assistants help dentists perform more procedures each day, improve patient retention, and increase patient acceptance rates, resulting in a minimum $1,000 in value-add per day. Plus, 86% of dentists say assistants reduce burnout.

See how much revenue you can produce this year using proactive staffing with our proactive staffing calculator!

+$300,000 of revenue in one year

A dental office we work with made over $300,000 in revenue by using proactive staffing last year. Instead of thinking of temporary staffing as an emergency button, this office (and many others) are using temps as revenue generation engines. They book temps as soon as they become available, and they work their office schedule around this availability.

At WORKFORCE, we combine technology, strategy, and a wealth of talented temps to provide offices with more than just panic buttons — we give you an easy way to quickly grow.

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How Proactive Staffing Promotes Near-unlimited Revenue Growth

Learn how offices are using proactive staffing to create hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

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Proactive Staffing FAQs

How do I take Advantage of Proactive Staffing

WORKFORCE currently offers proactive staffing to select dental offices across Canada. Contact us to learn more.

How Much Can Proactive Staffing Earn My Office?

Use the calculator above to see how much proactive staffing can earn your office. Revenue numbers are based on internal and external data.

How Do I start using proactive staffing?

All you need is 1) an open operatory room, 2) patients, 3) an on-the-ball office manager ready to fill days.

How do Track the ROI of proactive staffing?

Take the cost you pay for 8 hours of temp work and subtract it from ~$2,500. That's your net revenue per day for proactive staffing.

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